About Movie Lottery

Everyone must have one. Remember the day, many moons ago, and there was that movie you really wanted to watch? So you buy it, but when you get home that evening, you’re really just not in the mood. It’s too serious, it’s too long, it’s too scary, there’s something on television, it’s too late at night. The excuses keep on coming, and before you know it, years have passed. Someone asks you whether you’ve seen this movie, and you are forced to reply, “no, but I own it.”

If this is a familiar story, and you want to change this never-ending series of events, Movie Lottery might be the game for you. The rules are simple:
1. Write down your entire film collection on individual slips of paper.
2. Put all slips of paper into a container of some sort.
3. Whenever you want to watch a movie, let fate decide.
4. To avoid cheating, you are allowed a number of vetoes. The number depends on how many films you own. My collection currently sits at 685 feature films (ie, not including television boxsets or, in my case, wrestling pay-per-views) – I have allowed 10 vetoes, which do not eliminate the film, but instead return it to the pool for a later date.

Playing Movie Lottery does have risks, however. Inevitably there will be times when the film selected absolutely contradicts the mood you are in. But you have to accept the good with the bad. Remember that you own these movies for a reason, and that there will be some redeemable quality in every film. Or at least remember that once you’ve watched it, you won’t have to watch it again for some time. See, there’s always a silver lining!

This blog charts my Movie Lottery experience. For better or worse, at some point in the future, I will no longer have to admit that I haven’t watched some twenty percent of the films I own. Soon, I will have watched them all! Join me. Play Movie Lottery yourselves. Laugh, cry, sigh, moan, scream, get exasperated, frustrated, elated. It will be worth it.


10 thoughts on “About Movie Lottery

  1. Hello there, good blog theme! I really like this as a way of watching DVDs. I tried to work through mine alphabetically once, years ago, but that lasted about two films, and then I gave up. I think I may have a go at this method, if you don’t mind! It sounds like it might work…

    • Please do – I’d love the idea to spread. It’s really been good so far; it’s also made me realise just how many movies i own that i’ve not seen (and probably would never have got round to watching)…. scary stuff! If you do try it, let me know how you get on! 😎

      • Well, I tried the lottery system this weekend for the first time, and have my post ready to go out tomorrow. (I’ve credited your site of course.) Frustratingly, I only afterwards realised that the DVD I’d managed to pick in the lottery is a film I’d seen already (though years ago and I’d totally forgotten it). Aaanyway, I still have a hat full of DVD titles ready to be picked out when I get the next chance…

      • Wow, I’m chuffed. Looking forward to seeing what your first pick was. I’d considered only including the movies we’ve not yet watched (about 150) but there are so many great films that deserve a repeat viewing. Good luck with your random selections!

      • True, I suppose I could add in all the films I’ve already seen too. Maybe I should do that, after all I do own them on DVD for a reason! Anyway, the hat gave me a slow Hungarian film from the 1960s. I’d blame the hat, but I did buy it at some point long into the past…

      • Don’t worry – I have quite a worryingly large number of films that were bought solely because they were cheap, or because I was bored, or because James Spader is in them, or because… Well, mostly because they were cheap and I’m a compulsive movie-buyer. It’s definitely not a 5-star collection, that’s for sure!

  2. I have the problem of owning lots of DVDs I never watch, but I’m not brave enough to try the lottery!

    • I know – it’s a bit daunting. I’m dreading some of them getting picked because they’re really rubbish – not fun rubbish, just rubbish… Serves me right for buying them in the first place I guess! You just have to remind yourself that once they’re watched, at least you’ve got them out of the way. You should do it, it’s actually really good fun!

  3. Hey, thanks for following my blog! I love the idea of the Movie Lottery and I really should put it to use myself since I have plenty of unmatched films in my collection.

    • I’d definitely recommend it – i’ve rediscovered films i’d never have thought about rewatching, and finally been forced into watching a load i’d always meant to… and, so far, no total disasters! i think it’s the way forward. 😎

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