About Me and My Movies

I am a third year PhD student at the University of Glasgow, undertaking a thesis examining the conventions of bad movies from the 1950s and 60s. As a result, a number of the films covered in Movie Lottery will be old sci-fi and horror. I consider my tastes to be fairly broad, though I have noticed a substantial lack of westerns and gangster films in my collection, something I would rectify if I liked either genre, which I don’t.

I am also a film critic, writing for several publications including The Skinny and FrightFest. I was the founder and editor of a (sadly now defunct) film-based website, Lost in Film Monthly, which ran for three years.

My film collection, which has been accumulated over ten years or so and consists of both dvds and videos, covers a wide range of genres from the earliest days of cinema to modern day. There are classics, several Hitchcock films, even more Werner Herzog films, Universal horrors, rom-coms, chick flicks, action films, dramas, sci-fi, horror, musicals, foreign language movies, documentaries, and at least 25 films starring the legendary horror icon, Bela Lugosi.


2 thoughts on “About Me and My Movies

  1. Sounds like a great collection of films you have there. I am a really big fan of Werner Herzog and Hitchcock. So, do you like living in Glasgow? I have an aunt who lives in Aberdeen, Scotland. The summers are quite cool there I hear. She has to leave the heater on year-round. I am not sure I would like that, but I hear it is also a very scenic area.

    • Thanks very much! Always good to hear from another Herzog fan. 😎 And yes, Scotland is lovely, though the weather less so… But the countryside is beautiful and the cities are very interesting.

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